[README] Block IDs and Cost

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[README] Block IDs and Cost

Post by Chasuu » Thu Nov 04, 2010 1:06 pm

Please note, this list has long since been outdated, and minecraft will (or already did) stop with ID's

Sorted by ID, a quick reference list for purchase-able blocks.

The cost of blocks will change in the coming few days, I will update the list accordingly then.
NameIDCredits per BlockCredits per 64
Image Stone13192
Image Grass22128
Image Dirt3164
Image Cobblestone4164
Image Plank52128
Image Sapling6164
Image Adminium / Bedrock710640
Image Sand12164
Image Gravel13164
Image Gold Ore143192
Image Iron Ore153192
Image Coal Ore162128
Image Log174256
Image Leaves182128
Image Sponge194256
Image Glass202128
Image Cloth353192
Image Yellow Flower37164
Image Red Rose38164
Image Brown Mushroom39164
Image Red Mushroom40164
Image Gold Block415320
Image Iron Block425320
Image Doublestep435320
Image Step442128
Image Brick455320
Image Bookshelf475320
Image Mossy Cobblestone483192
Image Obsidian495320
Image Torch50164
Image Mobspawner5210640
Image Wooden Stairs535320
Image Chest54320
Image Redstone Wire552128 *
Image Diamond Ore564256
Image Diamond Block576384
Image Workbench582128
Image Crops594256
Image Soil60164
Image Furnace614256
Image Burning Furnace624256 **
Image Sign Post632128 ****
Image Wooden Door644256 ***
Image Ladder652128
Image Tracks664256
Image Cobblestone Stairs673192
Image Wall Sign682128 ****
Image Lever692128
Image Stone Pressure Plate704256
Image Iron Door715320 ***
Image Wood Pressure Plate722128
Image Redstone Ore734256
Image Glowing Redstone Ore744256
Image Redstone Torch (off)752128
Image Redstone Torch (on)762128
Image Stone Button772128
Image Snow78164
Image Ice7910640
Image Snow Block805320
Image Cactus812128
Image Clay82164
Image Bamboo833192
Image Jukebox848512
Image Fence852128
Image Bloodstone872128
Image Slowsand882128
Image Brimstone892128
And that's it for placeable blocks.

* - Does the same thing as Image
** - Does not work without fuel like Image - Image... etc.
*** - When you place these doors, they only show up as the lower half of the door - just break them and you should get a full door you can place.
**** - Sign Post: A sign with a little post under it, placeable on the ground or on the wall, although it shows up floating in front of the wall and not exactly on it, also you can't write anything on it unless you break it to turn it to a real sign. Same for the Wall Sign.

Most useful purchaseable items:
Image Coal263164
Image Stick280164
Image Redstone331164
Image Boat3333
Image Sign3233
Image Compass3454
Image Watch3474
And tools:
Image Diamond Pickaxe2786
Image Diamond Shovel2776
Image Diamond Axe2796
Have fun. :3

Pictures shamelessly taken from the Minecraft Wiki.
Look here for further information about block and item IDs.

EDIT: Updated the pictures
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