[READ THIS!] How to appeal a ban.

Complain about a player, or defend your ban case here!

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[READ THIS!] How to appeal a ban.

Post by Chasuu » Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:21 am

You've been banned? Read this carefully.

If you've been banned from the server and think that it was done unfairly and for no apparent reason, you have the option to appeal your ban in this section of the forum and ask why you were banned.

A few things might be very helpful for us to know, so please include them in your appeal:

1. Who banned you?
2. When were you banned? As in date/time and the timezone you're in.
3. What were you doing when you were banned?
4. What do you think is the reason why you were banned?

Stay nice, stay calm, stay honest and most importantly - be polite. You want something from us, right?

Anyway, you were most likely banned for a good reason.
Explain your intents, apologize and realize your mistakes. Show us that you care. If no one answers to your thread, wait two to three days before you bump your thread with a post.

And don't make more than one thread about it. That won't get you unbanned; the opposite will happen: it reduces the chance of you getting unbanned.

We always try to stay fair and reasonable - we don't ban people because we don't like them, we always have reasons for it. We check the evidence before we ban. It's that simple.

It's all about common sense and decency.

Thanks for the sticky!

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Re: [READ THIS!] How to appeal a ban.

Post by suicidal_banana » Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:56 pm

How to help your banned friend

1. Let them make the topic!!
2. Post in their topic vouching for them.

Way to often i see people asking about bans, while the banned person never even bothers to post.
Those threads usually make me feel like the guy knows perfectly well why he was banned, but tries to get unbanned by playing 'the friend card'. It wont work, just explain what happened in person.


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